Isac Elam Kaid - Artist - Designer - Studio portrait - 2023

Portrait by Alex Ballingall

Isac Elam Kaid is an artist and designer, based in Vancouver, Canada.

Born in 1991. He grew up in Alberta, Canada.

His practice is based on the exploration of material, source and process in order to create an ongoing dialogue of meaningful work. This relationship, between experimentation and matter, seeks answers through form, inherent material value and means of process. His work has been exhibited and published internationally. 

North America –

Galerie Philia, New York City

Stahl&Band, Venice CA

Switzercult, Vancouver BC


Europe –

Studio Rö, Milan IT


Asia –

Galerie 05, Singapore

2023    Chancery at the Canadian Embassy to the Netherlands, in the Hague

2022    Canadian Embassy to Italy, in Milan

2020    Private collection, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2023   NYC Summer exhibit, Galerie Philia, New York City, NY

2023   Desacralized (Salone del mobile), Galerie Philia, Milan Italy

2023   Designers & Crafters, Exhibition 01, Galerie 05, Singapore

2023   New Town, Galerie Philia, New York City, NY

2022   Strange Quarry II, Galerie Philia, virtual

2022   MA, Studio Rö, Milan IT

2022   New York Summer Exhibition, Galerie Philia, New York City, NY

2022   Hometown, Galerie Philia, New York City, NY

2021   First Times, Galerie Philia, New York City, NY

2021   Abi Chelsea Penthouse, Galerie Philia, New York City, NY

2021   BESPOKE, Stahl&Band, Venice CA

2021   Transhumances II, Numeroventi + Galerie Philia, Florence, Italy

2020   Walker Tower, Galerie Philia, New York City, NY

2020   Ventura Future (Salone del mobile), Ventura Projects, digital edition

Select publications –

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Select visual publications –


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2021   An exhibition of 21st century furniture in a $25 million loft, Robb Report, February